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AnyOption – a Global Leader in Binary Options

Note: AnyOption (as EU Regulated Broker is not presently able to accept NON-EU resident clients. NON-EU citizens should try Optionbit or TradeRush

Leading binary broker AnyOption has recently extended me an offer to do a review of their trading site. If you’ve read any fraction of the material I’ve written in the past about investing and day trading – you know I’m going to give you the skinny about the plusses and minuses without prejudice – and this review of will be no different.

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The Pros of an Account at AnyOption

Wide Variety of Binary Options Contracts to Choose From

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There is a ton of stuff to like – not the least of which is the large number of assets to trade – some 50 securities in all. The breadth of securities is very nice as well – including commodities such as Gold, Silver, and Oil. The ability to enter fixed payment contracts on these commodities greatly increases the ability of a commodities trader or ETF option trader to set up my favorite kind of pincher trade (either I get what I want in a trade, or the binary options kick in and I collect a premium in exchange for not getting what I want). I love setting up those kinds of trades – and their wide selection of contracts allows me to act on a different variety of securities than those we’ve covered elsewhere, such as those offered by other binary options brokers.

A Brief Review of AnyOption

If reading market psychology is your thing – you can even trade the VIX – the volatility index that is one of the better measures of the fear/greed cycle in the market. 

Weekly Expiring ‘One Touch’ Options Offer an Unheard of 200-350% Return!

I don’t even know what to say about these special “one-touch” options. Suffice to say they are extremely exciting to think about. The rules on these are a little different – think of them as having 5 expirations instead of one – that’s probably the easiest way to think about it. If the underlying security closes above the strike price level of the one touch option (in the case of a call one-touch option) ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, the option is in the money (ITM) and payout at the end of the week is guaranteed – regardless what happens the rest of the week.

I don’t know about you – but that is exciting when you consider the potential gains – 200-350% on a single one week investment. Try getting that from a standard option or even a leveraged forex trade in a week!

Just a Quick Note: As a result of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill AnyOption is not currently able to offer Forex and Commodity binary options to US Residents (though they are will work to gain compliance once the new rules have been established). US Traders wishing to trade forex binary options today would be better served by TradeRush or Stockpair.

Potentially Unlimited Contract Position Size

This is a BIG difference from other trading platforms I have reviewed. While there is a limitation on the size of any INDIVIDUAL contract ($3000 or $4000 depending on whether plain or ‘one-touch’ binary option) – it does NOT have a limitation on HOW MANY contracts you can purchase. This makes it possible to create significant sized positions that simply aren’t possible at another binary broker. Forex traders should love the ability to be able to create hedges large enough to offset large leveraged positions they have taken in their forex trading accounts. Don’t underestimate the importance of size. Size DOES matter.

Bonus Offers Sometimes Available

We’re starting to tread into a bit of a grey area for me re: their policies. I am not familiar enough with their program to be able to tell you how large or how often they offer bonuses on deposits or possibly trades. You’ll have to check back in here from time to time (I’ll comment this page to update information as I learn it).

Weekly Options Offer a Way to Double Up

Weekly Binary Options Extend Trading Over the Weekend with Massive Yields (click for larger image)

Other Tidbits and Benefits Not Mentioned Elsewhere

One thing to really like about this platform is the guaranteed 15% return of investment on out of the money (OTM) trades. If a contract for $1000 expires OTM, you still get $150 back. What this does is it greatly simplifies the straddle computations I like to make (see binary hedging). Also, the range of yields is narrower – typically 65-71% on fixed return contracts. While this is not as high as others, the narrow range and guaranteed 15% return on plain binary options trades (not on ‘one-touch’ contracts) make hedging computations easier to prepare in advance.

Lastly, I like the ability to make deposits by credit card or ACH/EFT/Swift or wire. There are some limitations and rules on withdrawals – but that shouldn’t be a big deal – all are typical of the industry. You should be trading with money that you won’t be needing right away so the withdrawal restrictions (one freebie per month – EFT/ACH within 3 days preferred) should not be an issue for you. Also, most trading sites have similar restrictions – so again this really should be a non-issue for most traders.

Minimum Deposit / Minimum Investment

One last quick thing to mention is the account minimums. Although you may have seen elsewhere that the minimum deposit is $200, the correct figure is $100 – got that direct from the horse’s mouth in chat the other day. Secondly, the minimum investment there is $25. This figure is also a result of my chat with customer service there. Sorry if there have been any miscommunications on that topic here or elsewhere.

Visit AnyOption’s Trading Platform

Cons of Trading with AnyOption

Lack of Clarity on Bonus Cash

We alluded to it earlier, but there is some yet to be learned about deposit and or trading bonuses. As you are already aware, I am HUGELY in favor of cash bonuses on deposits – I mean really – take the low hanging fruit whenever you can get it right? We’ll have to monitor their site for cash bonus announcements – and we’ll pass them on to you via our email newsletter. Speaking of which… have you subscribed yet? It’s free…

Update: They do offer bonus cash on a case by case basis to active traders. The more you use your account with them, the greater the odds of earning bonus cash. They have also recently rolled out new programs allowing early closure and trade extension options on contracts.

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Slightly Lower Yields Partially Offset by 15% Guarantee Return of Capital

You are certain to find (at any given time) higher contract yields at brokers such as EZTrader. What you will NOT find at those sites is a blanket guarantee of a 15% return on OTM contracts. EZTrader will offer 15% on SOME contracts but not all… something to be aware of.

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Contracts Offered Not At The Real Time Strike Price

Now to be fair – I have not had a lot of experience watching their contracts in real time – but if you look at the fine print of their FAQ page you’ll note that contract pricing is based on their own internal algorithm – not the underlying spot price of the security – so keep that in mind. We’ll be watching the trading activity at their site this month and report back our findings as to the disposition of that algorythm relative to the spot price – as best we can track it. We don’t anticipate this to be a huge issue, as there are likely to be significant numbers of people on both sides of any binary contract at any given time. A significant imbalance would likely have to occur to move the price significantly off the spot price – but again – we’ll keep an eye out and report back. Editor’s note: Nothing significant noted relative to pricing, certainly not relative to other competitors in the space. AnyOption continues to have the hands down best reputation in the industry.



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I hope you have found this to be informative and helpful. Please feel free to add your comments and experiences below.

* -Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own and based on the original research I have done on this subject or any companies mentioned (if any). Any experiences referenced are 100% my own unless specifically otherwise stated or attributed. Further, while I have tried to remain unbiased in my review(s), this post contains affiliate links, which means I may potentially receive compensation for referrals to the above reviewed company.


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  1. Do you know of a reputable Binary Options Broker that offers trading on the VIX and/or VXX and accepts US clients

  2. Please note that as of 8/15/2013 I am hearing that AnyOption is NO-LONGER ACCEPTING US CLIENTS. US Traders might be better served trying TradeRush or Optionbit instead.

    Hopefully once the regulatory authorities work out the details of how to allow non-EU residents to get accounts AnyOption will once again choose to accept non-EU traders.

  3. Hi optionzz. We would appreciate it if you can share some of your knowledge here as to how to be successful with binary options trading. It would be of much help to me if you could also send me some tips. my email is … I haven’t started yet but I’m planning to..

  4. Honestly, if binary options trading is a scam, it’s on a scale that would make Bernie Madoff look like a back alley thug playing three card monty.

    Seriously dude, these binary options brokers have operations and clients in over 140 countries. If they WERE a fraud, where exactly would they go to hide when the game was up? Further, how on earth would they be able to trade securities on EVERY*MAJOR*GLOBAL*EXCHANGE without establishing some relationship with them – including a data feed for pricing? Really?

  5. Hey, “optionzz”, can you tell me why most the binary brokers are situated in Cyprus. You claimed your post as you know the reason behind it. I would surely like to know it. Besides, its always good to be aware of whom we are dealing with.
    Suggest some unprejudiced advice & situation about binary option brokers for beginners. That might let them know about real situation out there & might encourage them.
    Thanks in advance for sharing info.

  6. I personally have used any option and they are a great brokerage. I make my living off trading binary options and have several accounts with brokers located in Cyprus. It is quite amazing to hear people speak of things when they have no concrete evidence. I know the reasons why they are located in Cyprus but it’s not my place to speak on that. I’ve been trading binary options full time for the past year and I make a very very nice living off of it. YOU have to come up with the strategy and methodology to be profitable in this game. Its very straight forward. Of course you should do your homework before putting your money somewhere but if you search the web you wont find anything negative about these sites in terms of running off with your money or being fly by night. I know this because I’ve done my homework. All the nay sayers are missing out on an incredible opportunity, But then again everyone isn’t built the same. Hope this helps and motivates someone out there.

  7. I’ve been doing business with the brokers listed on this website for 2 years. They don’t seem to be fly by night to me and they have consistently made payments to me.

    …and unlike the banks on Wall Street they did not require a bailout to survive the market downturn. Just something to consider. Just because a bank or broker doesn’t have a name you have heard of before doesn’t mean the bank isn’t as good as a name brand such as Merrill Lynch (ooops! BoA had to buy them… oops! BoA required a massive bailout) or Lehman Brothers (oops! they’re completely gone now!), or Goldman Sachs (what? they took bailout money too?).

    In all seriousness though… no financial entity is immune from risk, but smaller brokers have less access to absurd leverage than big brokers. Something to keep in mind.

  8. Steve, How do I determine if these companies are credible. Could they just disappear one day with my initial investment. It seems they are all out of the country.


  9. Have you heard that is for sale ? I just tried to contact them to inquire if they accept Hedge trades .

    I understand that start refuses to accept Hedge trades .

    Do you know of any Binary Option Brokers that DO accept them ?


  10. Hi George. I do hear of customer complaints once in a blue moon (though none yet re: AnyOption), however binary trading continues to grow rapidly… so SOMEONE must be trading right?

    As far as Cyprus goes, they ARE a member of the European Union, and otherwise I must say I am not particularly versed in the specifics of Cypriot (?) Financial Law – although I have read up a bit on CySEC – there version of the US SEC. As far as fraud goes however, it would be practically impossible for any company, country, or union of countries to top the financial fraud that was perpetuated on the American public in the last decade.

    The lesson: Investing is risky and people should only be investing with money they can afford to lose.

    Lastly: AnyOption 100% segregates customer funds, just as they and all financial firms SHOULD. As we have seen from examples like MFGlobal, Bernie Madoff, Stanford Capital, and PFGBest and other so-called respectable US firms, not everyone does what they should – particularly in the US. They have unquestionably the highest reputation in the industry and are our #1 rated broker for this reason.

  11. You mention anyoption’s fine print re not giving customers the prevailing option price , but rather prices based on their own algorhythms.

    It seems ALL the Binary brokers do this ! How else can they make a profit ? None of them charge fees , commissions or spreads like traditional FX brokers do .

    ALSO, I am very concerned and suspicious that ALL Binary brokers are based in CYPRUS ! There is very little Regulation there . Are customers accounts really safe ?

  12. I’m not entirely sure I understand your question, but I’ll give it my best shot.

    1st: Trading doesn’t cost much. Most binary options broker services require $100 to open the account and $25 to $30 for a minimum trade size. That is ridiculously small.
    2nd: Because there is no spread between bid and ask on options trades (and no commission) any binary option broker is making money somewhere on the other side of the transaction – either taking a risk directly – or by buying the counterparty side for a lesser price from a third party or from an exchange they participate in.

    I hope that answers your question satisfactorily.

  13. Does that mean AnyOption is legit but the play around with the technical side of trading to “legally” extract profit? I haven’t really tried, just registered a few days back and a so called representative called me asking if I needed assistance.

    I have only tried the demo and it said a minimum $25 to Call or Put. Is this true?

  14. One note I should have added – the minimum deposit is $100, and (if I recally correctly) trades are purchased in $25 increments (I’m pretty sure that’s correct).

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